2016 Grand Lake Neighbors Neighborhood Survey Results

The results of Grand Lake Neighbors’ July/August online survey are available here. You may make comments via this post (all comments are moderated – click ‘comment’ link in grey bar below and type your comment in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box). Thank you for your participation in continuing to keep our neighborhood vibrant and involved!

3 comments to Results of the Grand Lake Neighbors 2016 Survey

  • Pamela Drake

    My suggestion for a new business was not included, but I still hope someone will take me up on this. I would like to see bike rental businesses at various points around the lake. It would be great to have one at the new building at the Kwikway site. There are some bikes for rent (finally) on Grand at the bike shop but we could use more, especially those with small surreys or other options for family riding. The lake is a wonderful place for all this activity so lets’ think like other cities which have such amenities.

  • Roger Davies

    I’m disappointed that only 600 people responded. We know that the traffic study on Grand Avenue showed almost 16,000 daily vehicles, and 160 bikes used the road, so 600 respondents is a very unreliable sample. Perhaps this study needs to be distributed to a wider audience. I know that the last email campaign to keep Kwik Way got 400 responses, and the adding of Trader Joes got 800, so there are definitively better ways to do outreach and get a more accurate response.

    Input is certainly needed, but this does not really show a lot of validity from survey and statistical analysis perspectives. It is far from a normal distribution given the expected population size and sample size.

  • Ken Katz


    We received hundreds of comments and suggestions and, in the summary, only included those that had multiple mentions. That’s why we also included a link to the raw data that allows one to dig deeper into the results. As far as your recommendation is concerned, the Bike Share program has already approached the owners of Spettro on Lakeshore about installing a Bike Share rack out front which would likely negate the need for a bike rental shop.


    I’d be the first to concede that the survey results aren’t based on a scientific sample – particularly if you want to include the thousands of people who don’t necessarily live in the neighborhood but do travel the Grand Avenue corridor. Our goal was to get input specifically from people who do live and/or work in the Grand Lake District and, despite limited resources, we did outreach to more than 10,000 homes in the immediate vicinity via Nextdoor, the Splash Pad Newsletter, the Farmers Market and social media . That said, what’s important is how the resulting data is eventually used. Even though a majority of those who answered the questions regarding the road diet approve, roughly a quarter had serious objections and we believe that those concerns have to be addressed before the project can be deemed a success. That will likely be the first item on the agenda of a newly reconstituted Grand Lake Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Safety Committee.

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