GLN Minutes: 8/19/2015

Attendance: 12 neighbors, OPD officer D’Andre Vantry (Beat 16), Neighborhood Service Coordinator Renee Sykes, John Quinn and Scott Gaika from proposed restaurant

  1. Crime Report from NSC Sykes (Data from 7/13/15 to 8/15/15)
    • Beat 14Y (Between Lakeshore Ave, Oakland Ave, I-580, Piedmont Border)
      • Robberies: 3
      • Stolen Vehicles: 3
      • Auto Burglary: 3
      • Home Burglary: 3
    • Beat 16X (Between Lakeshore Ave, almost Park Blvd, I-580, Piedmont Border)
      • Robberies: 3
      • Stolen Vehicles: 1
      • Auto Burglary: 4
      • Home Burglary: 0
  2. Package Thefts
    • Neighbors on Trestle Glen and Holman have been experiencing thefts of packages left by UPS and other delivery services.
      • Packages on porches are easy to spot from street.
      • If you see suspicious activity call the OPD non-emergency number, 777-3333, but not 911 unless you see a crime in progress.
    • Possible solutions:
      • Use Amazon Lockers. There were references to lockers at the 7-11 at Grand and Mandana, but they don’t appear on
      • Deliver packages to work or a PO Box
    • Neighbors in the affected need to lead an effort to address the problem. Ideas to consider:
      • Look into using homeowners association office as delivery location.
      • A neighbor with video cameras could do a sting operation with a fake package.
      • Could ask UPS to attend a GLN meeting so neighbors could express their concern.
  3. Security in City-Owned Parking Lots – Presentation by Michael Ford from the city
    • The city has put in place a $450k contract to add security cameras to the Walker Lot and the Lake Park lot, i.e. under I-580.
      • City IT department and AT&T are involved with extending fiber optics to new cameras that will be installed.
      • The cameras will be tied into a surveillance center in Frank Ogawa Plaza that is manned at all times.
    • In the Lake Park lot, cameras will be put on each light post on the lake side of the lot and at places to watch the exit.
    • The Walker lot will be ground and repaved. Electric wiring will also be redone to support the new cameras. Electric vehicle charging will also be added.
    • The project could be done in November, but may be a few months later.
    • The city is continuing to study adding monthly parker spots in the Trader Joe’s lot.
      • Historically, some parkers have abused the two hour limit. After starting to enforce the parking limit using license plate recognition, usage went way down and lots of spots were available.
      • However, once they switched to chalking, parkers started gaming the system.
      • The city will reassess usage and revise the proposal to add monthly subscription spots.
    • The city will soon begin reducing the hourly parking rate in the Walker and Lake Park lots from $2/hour to $1.50 or $1/hour to encourage usage. It might make sense to increase the rate on Saturdays given the farmers market, but that would require changing a city ordinance.
  4. E.W. Trapp’s – New pub at 3320 Grand Ave
    • John Quinn, one of two co-owners, and Scott Gaika, an architect, presented plans to open a new restaurant/pub to the left of Walden Pond. The space is currently Better Homes Realty.
    • The restaurant would be named after the owner of an historical grocery store chain in Oakland.
    • The renovations will reveal a marble facade that is behind wood shingles today.
    • They would focus on local beer and food.
    • They may be applying for a conditional use permit (CUP) to serve beer and wine.
      • UPDATE: In a 8/28/15 email Quinn says they determined they do not need to apply for a CUP.
    • Initially, the hours would be 11am to midnight. After a 6 month probationary period the city might let them extend hours; they’d like to eventually extend to 2am.
    • They would like to replace the existing tree in front with a smaller tree. Neighbors recommended trimming the existing tree instead.
      • UPDATE: In a 8/28/15 email Quinn says they will start by trimming the existing tree and determine if the restored facade will be visible.
    • It could open late Spring, best case.
    • Contact owner John Quinn with questions/comment: