Grand Lake Retail Advisory Group

The Grand Lake Retail Advisory Group (GLRAG) was a community-based, all-volunteer organization working to facilitate improvements in our neighborhood business district.

In order to determine what shoppers view as the area’s current strengths and weaknesses (as well as their visions for the future) GLRAG conducted an extensive public opinion survey that concluded September 1, 2008.

The 20-page survey report combined with the supporting comments helped shaped the overall focus of GLRAG’s four subcommittees:

RETAIL ASSISTANCE (not currently active)
RETAIL ATTRACTION (not currently active)

Then, in early 2013, the City’s Planning Department was leaning towards rejecting plans for what would become Alchemy Bottle Shop based largely on the presence of another liquor shop across the street. The overwhelming consensus of the May GLN 2013 community survey was in support of the proposal to open Alchemy. Later that year, the Planning Commission voted unanimously in favor of opening the now-popular shop.

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