2008 Survey Comments

Question 4
Please rate LAKESHORE AVENUE on the following characteristics (these are in Excel format, so you will need a spreadsheet program to view them):

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Question 5
Please rate GRAND and SANTA CLARA AVENUES on the following characteristics:

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Question 6
Please rate LAKE PARK AVENUE on the following characteristics:

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Question 8
Looking at the Grand-Lakeshore business district as a whole, what products should be added to the existing retail?

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Question 9
Which of the following cuisines would you like to see added to the existing restaurant mix?

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Question 11
Do you think the Grand-Lakeshore District would benefit from a more active night life and more entertainment venues?

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Question 13
If you shop at the Saturday market, do you patronize neighborhood restaurants and merchants at the same time? (If not, what might encourage you to do so?)

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Question 14
Please identify the neighborhood in which you live using the numerical designations on the above map or on the list below.

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Question 19
The Grand Avenue Business Association (GABA)and the Lakeshore Business Improvement District (BID) both hold annual events including this year’s “Lakefest 2008” street festival on Lakeshore, August 2 and 3, and a “National Night Out” celebration on Grand, August 5. Which of the following events have you attended in the past or expect to attend in the future?

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Question 20
Do you have any additional comments regarding the Grand-Lakeshore shopping district or this survey?

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