Grand Lake Neighbors Bylaws

Grand Lake Neighbors – Bylaws

ADOPTED December 17, 2014

Name Grand Lake Neighbors
Purpose Grand Lake Neighbors is a group of volunteers working together to preserve and improve the Grand Lake district of Oakland, California. Our mission is threefold:
· Communications – sharing information and keeping each other informed about issues in our area
· Solving problems – tapping into the incredible talent in our neighborhood to address specific problems
· Effecting change – being an agent for improving our quality of life
Area Covered Community Policing Beats 14Y and 16X. See for maps of these beats.
Membership Open to all stakeholders of beats 14Y and 16X
Officers Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary
Elections Officers are elected every two years at a general meeting. A successful candidate must receive a majority vote of the members present at that general meeting. Elections for vacant positions can be held as positions become vacant. Members must be notified at least 15 calendar days prior to an election. Officers may be removed by a two thirds vote of the members present at any general meeting.
Steering Committee The steering committee is composed of the officers and other volunteer members chosen by the officers. The steering committee guides the activities of the group. Except for bylaws amendments and elections, the Steering Committee may make decisions on behalf of the group.
Meetings General meetings typically occur monthly, but must occur at least twice a year. Steering committee meetings are scheduled as needed.
Quorum Three members of the steering committee must be present to conduct steering committee business. Ten members of Grand Lake Neighbors must be present to conduct Grand Lake Neighbors business.
Amendments The bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any general meeting. Members must be notified of the proposed change at least 15 days prior to the vote.