Splash Pad Farmers Market Advisory Committee


Pat Kernighan, former District 2 City of Oakland Councilwoman, initiated the Splash Pad Farmers Market Advisory Committee (SPFMAC) in the spring of 2007.

It’s original Mission Statement defined its basic parameters which included provisions for community input, business district promotion and protection of the park’s infrastructure.

Current Priorities & Objectives

The Committee is pursuing the following as its highest priorities:

  • Enlist interested individuals as committee members involved in a decision-making process that will help guide the Market and its use of the park. This ranges from ensuring the desired character of the Market to how the park is utilized
  • Enlist the involvement of established organizations in support of the maintenance and well-being of the park.
  • Enlist individuals to help with the maintenance of the park’s landscaping under the leadership of organized groups.
  • Create increased awareness of the needs of the park to ensure its sustainability and that of the Market through improved communications.
  • Take appropriate steps to mitigate the impact of the Market on the park and identify limits for its footprint.

In addition, SPFMAC is actively seeking ways in which local businesses can capitalize on the market’s success while mitigating any negative impacts. As one example of the latter, SPFMAC played a major role in brokering a lease for use of Our Lady of Lourdes for parking of Farmers Market vehicles.

Recent News

The SPFMAC has recently orchestrated a significant reorganization of the farmers market layout. These changes were spurred by a desire to: minimize wear and tear on the sod areas; open up access to the Market by creating a more focal point at the entrance on Lake Park while eliminating obstructions along the Lake Park Sidewalk. While we are pleased with certain aspects of the change, it is a work in progress.

As reported in the Splash Pad Neighborhood Forum, Walter Hood, the Landscape Architect for the Splash Pad Park, has received a distinguished national award for Landscape design as a result of his fine work including, prominently, Splash Pad Park. In addition, he was recently one of ten award winners honored by Michele Obama at the White House. Oaklanders can be most proud of this truly significant park, and will hopefully support the sustaining of it as a community resource.

Park Conditions Report

The SPFMAC will soon be publishing a detailed report on the conditions of the park. The draft report, prepared by committeemembers, was issued in January and has been reviewed and approved by stakeholders. Photos are being added to enhance the report and it will be made available to the public and the City for reference and guidance.


Committee meetings are held every other month on the third Wednesday of the month. Meetings are held at the library of the Lakeshore Baptist Church on Lakeshore Avenue just above Mandana. Meetings start at 7:00 p.m. and are concluded by 8:30 p.m. You are welcome and encouraged to attend. You can make a difference!


If you have questions, concerns, or want to become involved, contact Jerry Barclay at jerryandcaryn@gmail.com.