The Grand Lake Beautification and Improvements Committee led by Eric Hughes is working with building owners, merchants, neighbors and the City of Oakland to keep the Grand Lake neighborhood cleaner and more attractive.

A series of questions that asked survey participants to separately rate Lakeshore, Lake Park and Grand Avenues painted a picture of a shopping district very much in need of some TLC.

The complaints about trash, poorly maintained landscaping, storefronts with peeling paint, etc. prompted the GLRAG Improvements Committee to do a comprehensive walk-through of the entire district using photos to document and report problems.

An amazingly high percentage of the original complaint list has been resolved and response from the City of Oakland regarding broken sidewalks, non-functioning street lights and graffiti has been particularly gratifying. Eric continues to regularly police the neighborhood; quietly does a lot of the work himself and also periodically schedules volunteer work days. For more information, contact Eric or visit his Facebook page.