2016 Grand Lake Neighbors Neighborhood Survey Results

Below are the questions we asked in the July/August 2016 survey, with links to summaries, analyses, visual graphs, and data. Question 20 is omitted here since it just asked for contact information. You can make comments about the survey and its results on the Grand Lake Neighbors site’s home page – all comments are reviewed before publishing. If you have questions, please send them to us here.

NOTE: All linked documents are PDFs unless otherwise noted.

  1. A 5-story mixed-use development with 50 residential units is being proposed for Kwik Way and the adjacent parking lot. Is this the best use of the property?
    Visual (JPG)
  2. As part of the above (Kwik Way) project, a 4,000 square foot space is designated for ground-floor retail. What type of business would you prefer in this space? Please specify up to three options numbered in order of preference.
    Analysis/Summary  —  Raw Data
  3. The Grand Avenue “Road Diet” was completed several months ago. What’s your current opinion regarding the project?
    Visual (JPG)
  4. Please specify what benefits the “Road Diet” is providing or cite very specifically where and what kind of problems you have experienced. If you think it’s a mixed bag, describe both.
    Analysis/Summary  —  Raw Data: More Approve than Disapprove  —  Raw Data: More Disapprove than Approve
  5. How often do you shop at the Saturday Grand Lake Farmers Market?
    Visual (JPG)
  6. What do you like and/or dislike about the Saturday Market?
    Analysis/Summary  —  Raw Data
  7. As vendor spaces become available at the market, what farmers and or specialty foods would you like to see added to the mix?
    Analysis/Summary  —  Raw Data
  8. What goods and/or services (if any) are currently lacking in the Grand Lake commercial district between 580 and the Piedmont line?
    Summary  —  Related Neighborhood History  —  Raw Data
  9. The Grand Lake commercial district includes: Grand Avenue from 580 up to the Piedmont line + a bit of Santa Clara Lakeshore Avenue from 580 up to Mandana Lake Park from Lakeshore to Grand  What do you like about each?  What, if anything, do you dislike about each?”
    Analysis/Summary  —  Raw Data
    Raw data by location: All District  —  Lakeshore  —  Grand Avenue  —  Lake Park
  10. In 2008 and 2009, Lakeshore was closed to through traffic for a street festival called “Lakefest”. Would you approve of its resumption as an annual event?
    Visual (JPG)
  11. Assuming you approve of the event, would you prefer that it be: Saturday only.  Sunday only.  Both days.  No opinion.
    Visual with Disclaimer (JPG)
  12. There’s a monthly First Thursdays art walk on Grand Avenue that currently begins at 6 PM.  When would you be most likely to participate in a monthly art walk given the following options?
    Visual (JPG)
  13. Several businesses on Lakeshore and on Grand have been thinking about installing parklets. If you’re willing to support such efforts by assisting in their design, construction or financing, please provide your name and email address below (if you don’t hear from us by mid-September).
    Summary & Request for volunteers  —  Visual (JPG)
  14. As shown in this link, plans for the Kwik Way Development project would eliminate the driveway to the right of the existing building and replace it with a single driveway at the B of A side of the property.  This would make the left turn pocket on eastbound Lake Park totally extraneous.  Would you approve of installing barriers on both sides of this section of crosswalk to narrow its width and create a safe haven for pedestrians?
    Analysis/Summary  —  Visual (JPG)
  15. If the post office agreed to install a mailbox on Lake Park in the location shown in this link,  it would allow you to safely pull up to the box and drop off your mail.  Given this choice,  which option would you most likely use?
  16. The Grand Lake Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Safety Committee heavily influenced the Splash Pad and Lakeshore Complete Streets projects but is currently inactive.  We’d like to resurrect the group as an incubator for traffic and pedestrian improvements in the Grand Lake commercial district. If you’re possibly interested,  please provide your name and email address.
  17. Please feel free to share any additional comments or ideas that are relevant to our shared goals.
    Summary  —  All District  —  Kwik Way  —  Lake Park Improvements  —  Parking  —  Thank Yous  —  Traffic  —  Miscellany
  18. Which best describes where you live?
    Visual (JPG)
  19. Which of the following categories applies to yourself?  (Multiple responses are permissible)
    Visual (JPG)