SPFMAC Mission Statement

The SPFMAC is a voluntary advisory body that shall be a liaison between the City of Oakland, the Farmers Market management, and community stakeholders, including local residents and local merchants, for the purposes of fostering enjoyment and sustainable usage of the park as a passive use park as well as a major community gathering place and place for residents to access fresh, regionally grown foods one day a week; sustaining the viability of the Farmers Market and of local business;  and facilitating a harmonious working relationship among the stakeholders by providing a forum to communicate and address concerns. 

The SPFMAC shall have and pursue the following objectives:

  1. To monitor compliance with the terms of the Major Encroachment Permit and other agreed upon mutual obligations of the Market’s management and the City of Oakland. 
  2. To seek and support ways for local merchants and the Market to mutually prosper.
  3. To identify any conflicts that arise among community stakeholders and recommend appropriate solutions.
  4. To provide community input to the Market management.