Welcome to Grand Lake Neighbors

Welcome to the Grand Lake Neighbors website. Grand Lake Neighbors is a group of volunteers working together to preserve and improve the Grand Lake district of Oakland. Our mission is threefold:

  • Communication – sharing information and keeping each other informed about issues in our area
  • Solving problems – tapping into the incredible talent in our neighborhood to address specific problems
  • Effecting change – being an agent for improving our quality of life

Our primary focus is on sharing information. We hope to foster an information network that provides broader communication among the many individuals and groups that are now working independently.

We are just getting started. Technically, the site went live on July 13, 2009, and the first substantial content appeared in July. We welcome your input, ideas, and, since this is a volunteer effort, your help. Please leave a comment. Do you like what we are doing? What neighborhood issues are important to you? What kind of information could we provide that would be helpful to you?

Take a look at the About Us and History pages for more information on who we are and where we came from. And check out the useful links to community resources on the right.

Grand Lake Neighbors meets the third Wednesday of every odd-numbered month from 7-8:30PM at Lakeshore Baptist Church, Barnett Hall. Look for notices on Nextdoor, facebook & instagram (@grandlakeneighbors) and our email list.

4 comments to Welcome to Grand Lake Neighbors

  • Jerry Barclay

    This is very exciting! The website you have just launched will be a catalyst. Caryn, my wife, and I were discussing this week – in anticipation of your site – that we will deliver flyers to each house on Arimo Ave (as we do to announce the annual block party – this year will be the 25th) and encourage our neighbors to visit this website and utilize it as a community resource. Well done.

    p.s. I visited the community resources listed to the right on your page. The Walker Watch and Grand Lake Guardian sites are out of date. I hope they generate something soon to be current and thus warrant their link on your website.

  • Joanne Karchmer

    Congratulations on launching the site! It’s a great design and very effective at capturing a great deal of information in one go-to resource. This is just what the community needs to get the word out about all the fabulous work that Grand Lake community members do out in front and behind the scenes to make the neighborhood a great place to live. We’d be glad to help spread the word in Councilmember Kernighan’s next District 2 E-news.

  • Ed Carpenter


    You might be planning to do this, but it would be great if the calendar on the left listed upcoming meetings, events and other important dates (next community council meeting, plant exchange, etc.) at a glance.


  • Agree this site is a great resource – thanks for putting it up – it’s great to have this kind of communication vehicle available.

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